No Longer Hiding is an eight-week course and Sisterhood Circle that helps you to come back home to your body and inner knowing.

It's a space where we can listen, explore and invite our bodies to belong again. So often, we are in roles that we allow to define us as a whole.  We forget that beneath the labels of mom, wife, boss, sister, daughter and volunteer, there is a soul with a voice, undigested life experiences, a body with a need for nurture and subconscious thoughts and desires asking for attention.  Your unwanted habits, symptoms, emotional, mental and physical dis-ease is  a light on the dashboard inviting you to return.  Perhaps you simply have felt overwhelmed and unsure about where to even begin this journey.
Your whole being is incredibly vast!  We tend to relegate ourselves to life within our roles, caught in our thoughts, while disconnected from our hearts and life in our bodies. Left unattended, our life-force slowly begins to drain. When we disconnect from this deeper current, our body becomes the mouthpiece…the messenger if you will, inviting us back. We begin to notice fatigue, restlessness, overeating, compulsive behavior, a desire to control, martyrdom, loss of libido, depression and perhaps even, despair.
Your body is issuing an invitation for you to show up to your “whole” self. Beneath your unwanted habits, symptoms and body frustrations is a beautiful, tender, wildly messy and heroic soul waiting to be noticed and nourished and brought back to life.  Allow me, and others around you to guide you through this adventure of returning  to your body and your own unique True North.  

"Julia's great at helping you identify the root issues and taking practical steps towards freedom. I wish I would have met her years ago!"  -Linda

“Fear and control have been replaced with hope and freedom.” -Jacquie

"Julia has helped me accept, love, and understand myself at a deep level so that I was able to get out of my own way and move forward." -Annaleise

The relationship I have with food, with my body, with exercise, is dysfunction.  I feel I have to earn the right to eat.  I punish myself by exercise when it doesn't feel good anymore, by being strict with my food, by living of fear of being fat.  I'm ready to work on this. One shift I experienced working with Julia  was a feeling that I could open up to someone who understands.  Julia's willingness to share her struggle made me feel like I was not a freak. I finally found the courage  to be honest about the fact that I need and am ready for help." -K.




Any woman looking for a holistic approach to a more soulful and empowered relationship with food, mind, and body with a foundation of spiritual principals and cutting edge science. You want to live free and fierce, while having a lots of fun learning how. This course is perfect for someone who:

  • Is tired of the years of chronic dieting, cleansing, and working out in hopes that it will heal your pain.
  • Is a spiritual person, but tired of “religion.”
  •  Is ready to come out of hiding, own your story and release what is no longer working.
  • Wants to feel more tuned in and ignited into your life.
  • Wants a tribe of like minded sisters who you can journey with. You are ready to stop trying to do this alone.
  • Wants to learn how to experience your sensitivity as a super power rather than a weakness.
  • Is longing to smile once again at your reflection.
  • Is ready to re-claim your health in mind, body and spirit.
  • Is willing to venture towards knowing yourself in a fresh new way.
  • Wants to create a ripple affect of health and wellness that touches the lives of those around them.


This course will be led by Julia Curry LLC, Eating Psychology Coach, Body Image Advocate & Speaker. Julia graduated with a BA in communications and went on to work with women in various ministry settings over the next 15 years. As a self-proclaimed wellness geek, she studied psychology, nutrition and spiritual formation in pursuit of her own healing.

Julia received formal training at The Institute or the Psychology of Eating and the Center for Strategic Intervention, finding that her own struggles with emotional eating, anxiety and poor body image have been some of her best teachers. After experiencing compelling transformations in her own life, she became devoted to the cause of helping others find freedom by utilizing a unique dynamic eating psychology approach blended with all that she learned over the past 20 years in the area of mind, body, science and soul. Julia works in the “quick- fix” free zone, helping people to shed the weight of their inner worlds with an inside/out approach that brings lasting and sustainable results. She supports this awakening through her speaking, writing, classes, workshops, retreats and one-on-one work. Visit her website at


You can join each live session from the comfort of your own home.  All you need is a computer, Facebook account and internet connection.  Once you register, you will receive an email with more specific instructions.


All paid participants will have access to the recording that can be viewed for a limited time.


Throughout the course you will have mind/body meditations, worksheets and even movement classes to enjoy.


Classes begin Sunday October 9th.  You can join me Sunday Evenings at 8:30 for a Live Session on alternative weeks.  The  remaining weeks you will be issued a recorded session that you can watch at your own pace.  Perfect way to set a new course before the Holidays!  Limited spots available.


  • 4 Pre-recorded Coaching Sessions
  • 4 Live Sessions
  • Weekly Mind/Body Meditation
  • Weekly Movement Class
  • Playful weekly assignments
  • My favorite recipes and tips for on the go
  • Inspirational Reminders
  • Dynamic Eating Psychology practices to help integrate the work
  • Access to the Private No Longer Hiding SisterHood Circle
  • Special gifts to anchor your experience in

I love to work with women that are willing to create space for their personal growth and development.  Think about it, what you invest into your growth will give a return that will never be taken away from you.  We invest money and time into many things that are here today and gone tomorrow.  
If you were working with me one on one, all of what I include in this course would be at a premium cost of minimally $2,000.  I am offering this 8 -week experience rich course for only $207 if paid in full. Or, you can make two monthly payments of $105 per month. 

 Payment can be made via paypal or by check.  Registration Closes October 2nd.  Once your payment is received, your spot will be reserved.  The first 3 women to register get an added bonus of a 45 minute private breakthrough session to help you personally integrate the group experience further. ($200 value)

 I look forward to taking this next leg of the adventure together!

In Freedom and Connection,

Julia Curry

P.S. email me with any questions at