Through my No Longer Hiding Programs you will learn to make peace with your body as a powerful catalyst to ignite a change both internally and externally.  You will transform your relationship with food and understand that how you do food and relate to your body is how you do life. This is a powerful, intentional container which which allows to work at a deep level for permanent transformation.

Dear, friend. I am devoted to helping freedom seekers who are ready to unhook themselves from the mindsets and habits that have created a sense of stuck-ness and turmoil in vital aspects of life.  We will uncover the often hidden roots of what is holding them back and develop sustainable practices that will gradually transform and propel them into more alignment with their higher goals, dreams and soul purpose. 

When you come out of hiding and live a wide open life you will: 

  • Become in tune with your body and with your deepest potential so you can begin to create a deeply satisfying, intentional life where you are fulling showing up. When we are fully present, this fulfills you and supports others.
  • Be able to navigate through challenges with greater insight and begin to naturally shift out of outdated and habits and patterns that are no longer serving your life.
  • Learn how to cultivate more mind-body-spirit connection which will helps you let go of being bullied by fear and a busy mind. This opens you to your God given purpose and potential often in ways you never experienced.
  • |Free up all the energy that food-body challenges has taken up, so that energy can be released into living the fullest life now.
  • Learn to be inspired and enjoy food in new ways.
  • Let go of thoughts that are holding you hostage in your body
  • Develop long term strategies to reduce stress and increase a connection to joy, peace and playfulness
  • Cultivate a new relationship with your body that drives you to honor it with food and lifestyle choices that are both enjoyable and sustainable

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How Did You Hear About Me?
Before working with with Julia I felt hopeless, stuck in a prison in my head, and didn’t know the way out. I couldn’t imagine a life different than what my reality was. What shifted for me was getting back in touch with my body. Reintegrating my heart, soul, and body in a way that allowed me to feel more deeply and connect unhealthy patterns with food with my emotions and slowly bring them back into alignment.

Now I feel more free about my body. I feel like each day I am becoming more whole and aligned. I am understanding myself more and this understanding has led to a deeper compassion for myself which has affected the ways I nourish my body. I used to be controlled and consumed by food choices and now I feel freedom and peace allowing my body to tell me what I need. I feel more permission to truly be myself. To not be afraid to really know myself and to live into that truth.