"Dare to use your strength in service to the vision etched in your soul".

I felt an ache in my feminine soul every time I said yes when I didn’t mean it.
Your rules and restrictions rang as dissonance through my being.
Compliance was my cage.
Fear untethered me from my knowing.
Mind/Body Split. 
Papers signed.
Separate Lives.
My feminine flesh immersed in shame.
Be good. Be nice. Be Godly. 
Be thin. Be pretty. Be hungry. 
Be no trouble. 
Want what others want you to want.
Desire is unsafe. 
Feminine instincts ... suspect.
I froze. Stone cold.
There are no winners. 
Controller and controlled chase illusions.

Once wounded in the psyche and skin ... how does she find her way back? 
Only you can know your path, truly.

However, I’ll leave you with a few things I’ve learned along the way.

Slowly rise from your whimper. 
Land in the center of your being.
Whatever it takes to arrive. 
Wherever you feel your center is.
Return to all that is sacred
and untamed within. 
Listen more.
Reclaim your instincts.
Choose not to be trapped.
Re-examine everything.
Cultural noise.
It’s mostly false.
Refuse to live someone else’s life.
Inhabit the sacred and profane.
You are both.
Bear up.
Stir the pot. It brings up all the goodies.
Breathe through disapproval. 
Be suspicious of the “I know better” types.
Stop apologizing.
Voice your soul. 
Affect the world around you. 
Scrub a toilet every now and then.
The common acts of life are holy ground too.
Be mildly shocked at how enriched your life after hiding is.
Make stuff. 
Rest more.
Look into your own eyes.
Dare to use your strength in service to the vision etched in your soul.